If your company sells a product or service that is being marketed to customers in Quebec, Canada, you will want to focus your marketing efforts on translations from English to French Canadian. When you decide to translate your marketing or product materials for customers in Canada, it’s important to choose an English to French Canadian translator. Unlike a translator who translates into France or Parisian French, these are translators who were likely born in Canada and whose first language is (Canadian) French.

Any documents that you have that require translation from English to French Canadian will require the specialized expertise of a translator who understands the linguistic realities of French in Canada. That’s me! Your Canadian French translations will be translated specifically to capture the interest and attention of your French-speaking customers in Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Manitoba or elsewhere in Canada. Documents translated from English to Canadian French will include the slang, vernacular and colloquialisms that these buying customers are looking for.

Most importantly, there are key language differences in punctuation, grammar, vocabulary, and phrasing between French translations for France and French translations for Canada. As a result, I can translate your documents according to the country where they will be used. When it comes to document translation from English to French Canadian, choose a professional translator who understands these differences and how to effectively translate your English documents into Canadian French, as well as communicate with your French Canadian customers.

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