Hire me 2 small

We’re a good fit, between the sheets (of paper!), if you:

  • Sell natural health products, nutritional supplements, lifestyle products or superfoods that give your consumers superpowers (like strong bones and teeth, amped up metabolism, or brain-boosting clarity – and in this line of work, I definitely need that!), and that are scientifically proven or otherwise researched;
  • Need someone who is both a skilled writer and a health care practitioner who has honed her skills in distilling complex or technical health information into clear, easy-to-understand and actionable health advice that readers can use right away;
  • Understand that health copywriting is not just a bunch of random, yet grammatically correct words thrown around like sugar-free confetti on a page. Instead, effective health copywriting is strategic and purpose-driven, designed to  communicate effectively, persuasively and convincingly with your potential clients and future customers;
  • Own a wellness centre or holistic retreat centre and/or are naturopathic doctor, chiropractor, or fellow nutritionist seeking persuasive yet non-slimy website content or blog posts, a sales page for your yoga retreat or other holistic event, gluten-free product descriptions, or content for your allergy-friendly diet program or group challenge;
  • Want to work with someone who is your ideal consumer, as a natural health products user and consumer and a practicing nutritionist;
  • Want to work with someone who is fun, fun-loving and occasionally even funny;
  • Like me, are on a big mission to make a big difference in your clients’ or consumers’ health + lives.


On the other hand, we are not a good fit if you:

  • Peddle junk food (as much as I love Mexican food, that means you’re out Taco Bell);
  • Promote magic pills, quick fixes, product gimmicks or anything else that sounds like a health scam.


Most everything else is fair game!

Contact me here.


Don’t have a health-related product or service but still love munching on dinosaur kale chips as much as I do? Bring it on! Although I specialize in health and nutrition copywriting, I’m open to interesting and exciting projects in other fields.

You can still contact me here.