I’ve been told by my clients that I seem to be able to “read their mind” when it comes to developing creative collateral that speaks directly to their customers. Makes sense, because I’m also a target consumer of many natural health, supplement, herbal and organic food products.


Copywriting Services

Copywriting crop

This is my favourite way to work! Give me your parametres, describe your goals and tell me about your ideal customer. I’ll write clear and compelling copy that makes your readers click, call or email so they can get their hands on your must-have products and services. Today.

You’re looking for a nutrition or health copywriter who understands why consumers buy natural health products and services and why they should buy those products from your company instead of your competitor’s.


Translation Services

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I provide English to French and French to English translation services for clients in Canada, the US, Mexico, Europe and elsewhere.

You’re looking for a serious translation pro who not only reads and writes French and English fluently, but someone who also understands that “a word for word” translation just isn’t going to cut it. You’re looking for high quality translations delivered on time, every time.


Editing & Proofreading Services

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This is for you if your health or nutrition content is already written and interesting, but may be a bit tough to swallow. In other words, it may need some tender loving massaging (my fellow kale lovers will understand how important this is!).

You’re looking for someone who can freshen up your content so it’s a bit more friendly, bubbly (and not too sweet, like a well-brewed kombucha) and shares more of your personality and that of your company or work.

Or you may be looking for someone to give it a final polish. Perhaps someone with a keen eagle eye for typos, mispellings misspellings and homonyms that don’t know their place?

That’s me.


Do you have a project that doesn’t fit nicely into one of the above bento boxes?

Bring it on!

You can get in touch here and we can chat about it, maybe over chai lattes (my favourite!)